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Speech Aids

We learn how to speak at an early age, so it is crucial to recognize speech impediments as early as possible in order to correct them. Children tend to imitate the speech and sounds from their environment, creating their own constructions and vocabulary: it is up to us to point them to proper ways of speaking.

Due to different sorts of external stimulants and medical conditions, many children, as well as adults, will experience speech impediments. When diagnosing them in children, family or friends, it is important to react immediately. You should keep in mind that stuttering, mispronunciation of certain letters, hearing loss and anatomical issues with speech organs are not to be seen as a source of shame, but as problems to be treated and corrected as early as possible.

Children of a pre-school age are most prone to speech impediments and stuttering, while school children often experience problems reading and writing. If you notice certain speech impediments in a child or an adult, you should seek the advice of a speech therapist or visit Bontech’s center for speech therapy.

Griffin True Tone

Griffin True Tone is a medical speaking aid. It is used following an operation of the larynx, and it allows the patient to get back his or her voice in as natural a way as possible.

Bontech’s Griffin True Tone provides a natural sound and easy adjustment of intonation by applying different levels of pressure. This helps imitate the features of a natural human voice, making Bontech’s aid a unique product on the market.


The aid has the widest range of frequencies on the market, adapting the features of the voice to each individual user. The device is covered in carbon fiber, which makes it resistant to outside conditions, and as its extremely small (110mm) and light (128g) dimensions prevent it from disturbing the user in his or her daily activities. Griffin True Tone provides an increase in tone with a rational use of batteries. The aid requires the standard 9V NiCd batteries, which are easily accessible on the market.

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