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Hearing protection

Noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, and because permanently damaged hearing cannot be regenerated, find out how you can protect this precious sense.

We are all exposed to noise on a daily basis from early childhood, often without even noticing it, because we cannot avoid it. During childhood, we spend a great deal of time in noisy environments such as playgrounds and classrooms, while in high school and college we replace these with concerts and sports events. Entering adulthood, even if we don’t choose a profession that involves exposure to a lot of noise, we are still surrounded by noise on a daily basis, which can cause hearing loss.

There are two types of hearing protection: noise protection and water protection.

Noise protection

Sensitivity to sound and noise differs from one individual to the next. Longer exposure to noise (over 85 decibels) carries medical risk, and sometimes it only takes one noisy event, of around 140 decibels, such as a shot or an explosion, to cause hearing loss.

Because we are constantly exposed to noise, whether it is in our private or professional life, Bontech has designed and produced demonstrably effective solutions in the form of ear plugs which help different profiles of people, and which are designed for specific situations.

Bontech Professional (Ear plugs for noise protection with non-linear attenuation)

Bontech Professional ear plugs with non-linear attenuation are ideal for all industries and situations in which the noise from the environment creates discomfort and makes work more difficult. Non-linear attenuation guarantees speech recognition in parallel with complete hearing protection.

These ear plugs are made using 3D technology based on individual ear prints, and they are divided into silicon (soft) and acrylic (hard) ear plugs. The acrylic ear plugs are better for long-term use because they are more comfortable, lasting and easier to maintain. Silicon ear plugs are recommended for persons whose ear anatomy requires it: they fit better in the ear, making it less likely that they will slide out of their position.

What makes Bontech Professional ear plugs special is that they come from four types of certified filters adapted to particular types of noise and noise intensities in the workplace, and they provide protection throughout the work day. Professionals whose work requires long-term earplug application are recommended to use the silicon version, because they will still be comfortable and pleasant after several hours of use.

Bontech Music (Ear plugs with linear attenuation)

Bontech Music ear plugs are aimed at hearing protection from extremely loud music, and since they are designed to not change the nature of the sound, they are specially designed for musicians, DJs, and all those whose work or hobbies involve being exposed to loud music.

There are two groups of people who require ear plugs because of music. The first includes musicians, studio engineers, night club employees, and other professionals in the music industry who are regularly exposed to noise between 90 and 120 dB. The second group is made up of people outside the music industry, who love to listen to loud music and/or attend sports events.

It is important to emphasize that Bontech Music ear plugs come with three types of filters with linear attenuation, which guarantees that the tone of the music will not change.

Bontech Sweet Dreams (Ear plugs for sleeping)

Whether you have to sleep in a noisy environment (airport, bus, hostel…), or if you’re a light sleeper disturbed even by mild noise, Bontech Sweet Dreams ear plugs are a guarantee for deep and firm sleep. Ear plugs for sleeping eliminate loud, disturbing noises (such as snoring), while still allowing other sounds to come through, such as the alarm clock. Although they provide excellent attenuation, it is important to keep in mind that a complete elimination of all surrounding sounds is impossible.

Bontech Stop Gun (Ear plugs for hunters)

These individual ear plugs are designed to protect the hearing of hunters from all sudden loud sounds, such those produced by fire weapons, without eliminating the surrounding sounds, such as the flutter of leaves or animal sounds. As they are designed to maximally attenuate the sounds created by fire weapons, Bontech Stop Gun ear plugs are often used in shooting ranges, and they also provide optimal protection for professionals in security agencies, the army, the police, etc.

Water protection

Water in the ear canal can cause an ear infection, and deep diving can cause damage due to high pressure. Bontech water protection ear plugs are anatomically ideally adapted to each user, because they are made based on ear prints, which means they can completely seal the ear.

The advantages of Bontech ear plugs for water protection:

  • they are non-invasive
  • they have a long life and are easy to use
  • they are simple and easy to apply
  • they are made of soft, hypoallergenic, biocompatible material that allows for waterproof application
  • the unique design of our implants does not disturb the ear canal, which means the sensitive skin of the ear canal is left undamaged, nor does it affect the cerumen

Bontech Aqua (Ear plugs for protection from water)

Middle ear infection is the most common type of ear infection, and if left untreated, it can lead to permanent hearing loss and other problems. It is often caused by water remaining in the ear canal, which is why it is important to protect your ears from water, especially if you are prone to infections.

Bontech Aqua ear plugs reduce the danger of ear infections during baths, showers and swimming. They are made of hypoallergenic materials of great durability, they have a long life and are easily maintained. They are not appropriate for diving, because when used, the ears must not be below the water surface.

Bontech Aqua Medical (Ear plugs for water protection for children with hearing implants)

Children with hearing implants must be absolutely protected from water entering into their ears, even when showering. The ear plugs are made of soft, hypoallergenic silicon materials that guarantee comfort. In persons under the age of 18, due to growth and ear anatomy change, and in order to ensure continued optimal protection, it is recommended that new ear plugs are used every year. They are not appropriate for diving, because when used, the ears must not be below the water surface.

Bontech Diving (Čepići za ronjenje)

Ear plugs for diving help divers equalize the pressure when diving, they reduce the risk of infection of the outer and middle ear, and they reduce dizziness caused by water of different temperatures penetrating the ears. The functionality of the ear plugs is maintained when diving up to seven meters, while greater depths can cause water to enter the ear.

Diving Mask

A diving mask equalizes the pressure and prevents ear pain, it improves under-water hearing and orientation in space, prevents water from entering the ear and related infections, and maintains the temperature around the ears in cold water.

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