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Pediatric Aids

According to research, 5% of school children are affected by some type of hearing loss. In order to avoid permanent damage, it is crucial to notice, properly diagnose and promptly react to the problem, and then choose the appropriate hearing aid for your child.

The sense of hearing is vital to the child’s development. It initially allows the child to recognize voices, imitate sounds and develop language skills, and then it becomes essential to orientation in space and development of communication and social skills. That fact alone indicates that hearing is not only a crucial part of the sensory apparatus, but is also immensely important for the formation of personality and patterns of behavior.

The earliest age at which hearing loss can be diagnosed is at the maternity ward, and the optimal point for the diagnosis is in the child’s first months, when speech begins to develop. The aim of preventive testing is to diagnose the degree and type of hearing impairment and when it was caused, in order to avoid an irreparable damage to the child’s hearing.

The child’s social environment can also play a big role in the normal development of a child with hearing problems. It is not uncommon for the parents to have more difficulties with a child’s hearing loss than the child itself who was either born with it, or has developed it at an early age. This is why we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for parents to maintain a positive attitude and be very informed in order to ensure the best possible care for their child.

Although children who are born deaf and those who have gone deaf make very different patients, Bontech offers excellent hearing aids adapted to all children over the age of six. Call any of the company’s 30 stores and make a reservation for a free hearing test in order to make sure whether your child has hearing problems.

Oticon Sensei

The Oticon Sensei, one of Bontech’s hearing aids, is the most high-quality pediatric solution adapted to children of all ages – from infants to teenagers.

Among other things, Sense provides sound that is incredibly adaptable to a rapidly changing environment, enhanced sound for better speech recognition, an advanced mechanism for eliminating microphony, a feature focusing attention on the speaker, compatibility with FM systems, waterproof features, wireless connection to the TV and other multimedia sources, easier implant application, with notices about the need to adjust, as well as a significantly longer life than other similar aids.

Oticon Amigo T30


The newest FM solution from Oticon offers optimal functionality for the child and easy use for the user.

Amigo T30, compatible with almost all behind-the-ear aids and cochlear implants, offers a range of sound so far unknown to FM systems, providing higher-quality sound, better and more accurate speech development and listening, and more comfortable use. In addition, Oricon Amigo T30 provides the user with safe and easy use thanks to the signal indicators, regular AA batteries, and a high resistance to dust, impact and moisture.

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