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Hearing Aid Batteries

For the hearing aid to provide impeccable performance, it is necessary to have the proper batteries.

Hearing aids, like all electronic devices, cannot function without the appropriate batteries. As contemporary hearing aids require sophisticated digital technologies to make life easier for those with impaired hearing, they also require unique batteries that make their work possible.

Although at first look they might seem like any other batteries, those used for hearing aids are indeed special. Unlike classical batteries, the zinc-air batteries have a longer life than any other type of battery with the same level of usage.

There are four models of batteries on the market: 10A/PR70 (yellow), 312A/PR41 (brown), 13A/PR48 (orange) i 675A/PR44 (blue), all of them 1.4 V. As a rule, hearing aids for more serious impairments tend to use stronger batteries, such as the 675A.

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