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Communication Headsets

Many professions require the use of adequate communications headsets. Find out who needs them and what makes Bontech’s headsets so special.

In many professions, multitasking requires employees to have free hands. For instance, in order to communicate properly, football referees have Bontech’s individual, anatomically designed ear implants, which enable them to move around independently while staying connected to other referees. Bontech’s specialized system can be adapted to other sports as well, while respecting their specific needs.

In different call centers, fast service is the key factor for sales referents and customer services. In order to ensure efficient services, Bontech offers specially adapted communications headsets and microphones with excellent sound quality.

Pilots, IT industry employees, divers, security guards and construction workers also require wireless communication. In order to ensure a comfortable work environment and free your hands for other tasks, Bontech’s headsets will provide autonomous, two-way, encrypted communication, while the specific anatomical implants will isolate exterior sounds, ensuring excellent sound in different conditions.

All Bontech headsets can be personalized, depending on individual needs and key functions, as well as the users’ profession and ways of usage.

Advantages of Bontech’s headsets

Professionally or privately, more and more we find ourselves in situations that require wireless, or so-called “hands-free” communication. Bontech’s communication headsets offer a solution for just these kinds of occasions and situations: safe and high-quality communication that will free your hands and ensure your efficiency. They guarantee constant excellent quality of sound with uninterrupted speech recognition.

Bontech headset systems offer autonomous, constant, two-way and encrypted wireless communication in an 800-meter radius. The headsets include special anatomically shaped implants that are applied to the ear and ensure excellent sound in different conditions. An extra opportunity offered by Bontech is the design of headsets based on the customer’s specifications, that is, adapted exclusively to the individual user, whether it is for personal or business preferences and needs.

In addition to ensuring a high quality of sound and top-quality microphones, Bontech headsets feature subtle design, simple installation and easy application.

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